New Irish Passport Requirements

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Irish citizens may apply for a new Irish passport or renew an expiring Irish passport. Any one of the items listed can be used as proof of Irish citizenship:

  • Your most recent Irish passport
  • Your original Long Form Irish Birth Certificate (if passport has been lost/stolen or if this is your first application for an Irish passport). This must be submitted for all applications for a child (under 18), even if the child held a previous Irish passport.
  • Your own original Birth Certificate and the long-form Birth Certificate of your Irish-born parent and your parents' State Marriage Certificate if applicable, e.g. if your mother was born in Ireland and subsequently changed her name through marriage.
  • Your original Certification of Naturalization for Ireland and your own original Birth Certificate.
  • Your original Foreign Births Registration for Ireland and your own original Birth Certificate.
  • Your original Post-Nuptial Irish Citizenship and your own original Birth Certificate.

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Photo Requirements:

Two passport photos, one of which is signed by the witness who should also enter the form number.

  • Photographs should be not more than 6 months old.
  • Minimum photos size 35mm x 45mm, maximum size 38mm x 50mm.
  • The photograph should show a full front view of the subject's head, as he or she would normally appear.
  • The image must be sharp and clear, and taken against a plain white or light grey background
  • Sunglasses are not acceptable. Tinted glasses may be worn provided they do not obscure the person's eyes.
  • Photographs should not show military or police uniforms.
  • Only head coverings worn for religious reasons are permitted. A signed letter explaining the religious head covering is required. Hair bands are not allowed.


Passport Application Form:

Completed, signed and witnessed application form (APS2E): The application must be the original form, (obtained from the Consulate), which Travisa will send to the client and cannot be downloaded from the internet.Who can act as a witness? The person who witnesses your signature and confirms your identity must, without exception, be a member of one of the following professions and must not be related to you. Retired witnesses are not acceptable:

  • Police Officer
  • Member of the Clergy
  • School Principal/Vice Principal (the director of a crèche is not an accepted witness)
  • Judge/Magistrate
  • Practicing Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Medical Doctor
  • Bank Manager/Assistant Bank Manager
  • Elected Public Representative (an administrative officer of a town-hall is not an accepted witness)
  • The witness must be resident in the State you reside in.



Minors: If the passport application is for a person under 18, the original long-form birth certificate must be submitted with every application, even for a renewal of a previous passport. A copy of ID for the child must also be submitted, e.g. US passport or social security card.


Processing Time:

All passports are processed in Dublin. The current processing time is approximately 8-10 weeks for renewal and Irish born applicants, 12-16 weeks for all other first time applicants. If the request is urgent, a flight itinerary can be provided and we can request faster processing.


Fee Description:

Standard 10 YearApplicable to persons aged 18 years and older$128
Large 10 yearAvailable on request to very frequent travellers$169
Standard 3 yearApplicable to children under 3 years$40
Standard 5 yearApplicable to youths aged between 3-17 years inclusive$54